Dear Host,

Some few words, about us and our location.

We are located in a very beautiful place, exquisitely arranged to please you. 

You will find us in the Hüxstrasse ( Hüxstreet ),one of the most lovely and famous shopping-street in the historic city-center of Lübeck. We are placed in der Hüxstrasse, house-number 13, on the 1. flour, above the Café: Central Bar.  The place has been wide renovated on the beginning of the year 2016. The high and decorated roofs will make give you an exceptional feeling of comfort. The Far-East interior design procures an exceeding sensation. Three massage-rooms are available, one of them is of smaller, but not less comfortable and also cosy. My point of view, is that in the  small room in question, you can easier get close to one another We will also be happy to take you, to one of our, nice and space full bathrooms. 

Hygiene is one of the most important aspect during the massage. It brings a great benefit to both massage-partners and makes it enjoyable. Therefore, we will provide the necessary for your personal hygiene. 

Please, take a look at the pictures of our interior on our homepage, in order to gain a familiar feeling with the place, where you are going to spend some of your pleasant moment. 

As a matter of course, the masseur will personally and fondly welcome you, if you had made out an appointment with her and she will totally dedicate herself to you.Tantra Massage 

Tantric-massage should be a relaxing massage, that helps you forget your workaday life and introduces you deeply in your own sensuality and personality. It should make you gather languorous experiences through your senses. 

Tough commonly related to sexuality, tantra has more to provide than that. Tantra focuses on the fact of being totally attentive to the tantric-partner, on love and on hedonism. It is all about giving and receiving. 

Tantra means: acceptance of the Other and it says: "be authentic, be present with all what is part of you.  The opening of one self, of the whole personality and senses to the experience of the moment and it means joy in the present.  

The love-act, should be underlined by the awareness of deep breathing into one owns feelings. Enjoy one self and find out that life is simply a circle. Tantra will help you get in harmony with yourself, with your own sensations, with the universe, let´s say with the divine. 

I am willing to worship the divine in You! The purpose of the Tantric-Massage is the marriage of sensuality and erotic, it should touch your soul and your heart. 

Tantra is more than only a sexual act. It says: "Feel!" "the more you would pay attention to your feelings, the more you shall be rewarded. You shall be directly connected to the deepness of your own personality.  Indeed, you are more than, what you believe to represent. 


the following parkinglots can be accessed:

1. Parkhaus HAERDER CENTER Königstraße 98, ca. 250 Meter, 4 Min walk

 2. Parkhaus MITTE Schmiedestraße 17-29,  ca.350 Meter, 5 Min walk

3. Parkhaus HÜXTERDAMM Hüxterdamm 3, ca.500 Meter, 7 Min walk

4. PARKPLÄTZE AN DER KANALSTRASSE, ca. 800 Meter, 10 Min walk


We are located in a very beautiful place, enjoy the timw while walking to out Abiente :)

"If you stop to dream, you will still exist, 

but stop to live...!

Hüxstrasse 13, D-23552 Lübeck