Dear Host, 

Some few guidelines 

1. Oppening hours 

We don´t have fixe opening hours. From monday to saturday there is mostly a or (some) masseur(s) available here. You even can book a massage on Sunday, if you make it out on time.

2. Booking / Appointments

A booking You can book out a massage, straight with a phone call, via SMS or by using your WhatsApp, but not via Emails. Unattributed calls will be ignored, due to former unpleasant, experiences. We ask you for indulgency. Consider the fact that we cannot answer your call when the whole crew is busy during your call. We just suggest, you to send us an SMS. So that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

3. A visit by chance 

You might as well pass by, by chance, without an appointment. In that case, it can happen that no one is there to welcome you. If then so, just mind sending us a massage via SMS or WhatsApp. e are grateful.

4. Liability 

An appointment once made out is obliging for both parts ( for the guest and the masseuse ). There for, please inform us on time, should there be any hindrance for you. Thank you!

5. Punctuality 

Coming like 5 minutes in advance on time, would really be kind from you. Appearing to early is not required; but less kind, is to be too late. If you can be on time, just let us know. We will still try to offer you the booked massage. Should you have missed out to inform us, about you being late, we will then be obliged to offer the booked service, in a shorter time as expected, still at the same initial price.

6. Physical Handicaps 

Please, tell us before we you start with the massage about things like allergies, sensitiveness or any others physical restrictions. We expressly invite guests with a physical handicap ( such as a paralegia or multiple sclerosis ) to feel free to pay us a visit. We would just point out the fact that the entrance to our floor can be quite uncomfortable, because of the steps. 

7. Ethnic-moral restrictions 

During a massage, there are limits that should be observed. Any immoral sexual proposition or invitation to do so, should be avoided. The masseur is free, by an inacceptable behavior of the guest, to stop the massage. 

8. The payement 

The masseurs are working on their own, so they are responsible for the the prices. The remuneration of the masseur happens cash and before beginning of the massage. 

9. Gift coupons 

We also have gift coupons for you! Fore sure you can offer them to someone else. Up to the delivered date, they Are valid for 6 months. And in case that you should lose them, you cannot claim for compensation. A gift coupon can be used, only if you had made out an appointment and had hold on the date.Otherwise, the coupon will be invalid. We don't give out cash-Monat for a valid gift-coupon. 

10. Haftung

Sollten trotz fachgerechter Behandlung Folgeschäden auftreten, weil Du im Vorfelde Beeinträchtigungen, bzw. Risiken verschwiegen hast, ist Deine Masseurin, so wie die Geschäftsinhaberin, von jeder Haftung befreit. Selbiges gilt, wenn Dir Ausschlussgründe für eine Massage nicht bekannt und/oder für die Masseurin nicht ersichtlich waren.

11. Datenschutz

Diskretion und Hygiene in unserem seriösen Ambiente sind gewährleistet und genügen höchsten Ansprüchen.

12. Konstruktive Kritik erwünscht

Für die perfekte Organisation der Praxis geben wir immer unser Bestes. Unser Ziel ist es, dass alle unsere Gäste zufrieden sind. Solltest Du einmal nicht zufrieden sein, lasse es uns bitte wissen. Wir freuen uns über alle Anregungen und Verbesserungsvorschläge.

Lieber Gast,

Diese Richtlinien sollen Dir und uns helfen, einen störungsfreien Ablauf zu gewährleisten. Es ist für alle Beteiligten einfacher, wenn es verbindliche Regelungen gibt. In diesem Sinne wünschen wir Dir wunderschöne und unvergessene Aufenthalte in unserem edlen Ambiente.